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Cannabis Farms is a full-service solution provider to the outdoor cannabis industry offering product sales, service and unique solutions availabe through our channel partners.  If you have a small or large outdoor cannabis or hemp project, we are here to help you be successful in your farming endevors.  With an inital focus on hemp farming in Canada, we are helping commerical cannabis farms and cannabis growers world wide. 

Canada has a friendly environment for Hemp farming, and in May of 2018 the province of Ontario made some recent announcement regarding Hemp farming and licensing to allow for the use of the flowers for CBD.  Realizing this is a significant opportunity, Cannabis Farms embarked on an organic farm project that summer. During the process we overcame a significan learning curve and connected with some of the leading experts in farming cannabis for hemp, THC and CBD.  The focus in 2019 and beyond is to provide solutions to indiviudal and companies looking at setting up a unique business opportunity for hemp farming in Canada and around the world.  

Our team understands that with upcoming legalization right around the corner for hemp in most countries around the world, it can be a cumbersome task of getting approved and going through the learning curve for Cannabis and Hemp farming.  The Cannabis Farm consulting team is ready to help you start growing outdoor hemp for CBD or industrial hemp to be processed into 1000’s of hemp based products. Contact us for more detail on how we can start working together and help make your business a leader in outdoor farming of Cannabis and Hemp.


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