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Here at Cannabis Farms, we will build Canada’s largest organic Hemp and Cannabis farming business.  Canada has a friendly environment for Hemp farming, and in May of 2018 the province of Ontario made some recent announcement regarding Hemp farming and licensing to allow for the use of the flowers for CBD.

Realizing this is a significant opportunity, Cannabis Farms is currently setting up a unique business opportunity for hemp farming in Ontario.  We have the ability to get a farmed licensed for the 2018 growing season and are planning on quickly expanding the farming operations that are currently under development.  We are also seeking new farmland opportunities with existing farmers with underutilized land and equipment on site.

Our team understands that even with the upcoming legalization right around the corner, it can be a cumbersome task of getting approved for Cannabis and Hemp farming.  The Cannabis Farm consulting team is ready to start growing outdoor hemp for CBD in the summer of 2018.  Contact us for more detail on how we can start working together and make Cannabis Farms a leader in outdoor farming of Cannabis and Hemp.

Health Canada does not allow growing Cannabis with THC on outdoor Hemp Farms, at the moment Cannabis Farms is only growing industrial hemp from seeds approved by Health Canada.  In the future when the laws change and Health Canada approves new hemp strains with higher CBD percentages, Cannabis Farms will be in a position to grow and become one of the biggest Hemp Based CBD growers in the World.  This would require Health Canada to approved Cannabis Farms to grow Hemp with less than 0.3% THC and higher CBD percentage than what is currently allowed and approved hemp strains.  Cannabis Farms has already identified specific strains that may qualify as hemp with less than 0.3% THC, but with CBD levels higher than current hemp strains listed on Health Canada’s site.  If allowed, we hope to work with Health Canada and get these strains approved for growing outdoors.


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