Organic Nutrients

At Cannabis Farms, we focus on organic hemp and cannabis farming practices, so the nutrition given to the plants at all stages of growth is from an organic, eco-friendly source. Our blend of nutrient-rich soils, organic fertilizers, and nutrient-rich water feedings are more than sufficient to grow healthy cannabis hemp plants.

We source locally for the soils, supplements, natural organics and fertilizers used on our farms, all of which are ORMI approved for organic growing.  Given the number of nutrients needed at all stages of the plant growth and the mass quantity needed, we are already buying these ingredients in commercial quantities while we build our own internal supply solutions and capacity.

In 2017 Cannabis Farms has sourced Worm Farms for castings and is using the organic composts, ingredients and the Bokashi Composting method, these are our some of the inputs used on our farms.  As we expand our own farms, work with the Cannabis Farms Co-operative or our Managed Farms Program, we expect the demand for these inputs to grow exponentially over the coming years. 

As our organization and community grow, we plan on scaling up the production and capacity for these organic farm ingredients to supply to our cannabis farm’s community members and supply to the cannabis industry.  Our expansion plans for organic nutrient production will significantly increase for 2019, this is when we expect tremendous growth for organic outdoor farming of cannabis. 



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