Cannabis Farms offers a unique organic cannabis preservation solution which not only dries cannabis within a day but also preserves the Cannabinoids and Terpenes during the drying process.  The unique preservation solution offered by Cannabis Farms will allow commercial growers to preserve the highest expression of the cannabis flower using PSG’s Protein Dried™ technology. With our process, the preservation of the cannabis terpenes and cannabinoids within the flower starts when it enters the environmentally controlled drying room.  When in the drying room, the risk of mold or fungus entering into the flowers is eliminated with the use of the Organi-Dry product.  The whole process for dehydration takes 24 hours or less from the time of harvest to when the process is completed at the specific moisture level desired, sealed and placed away for long term storage. The solution consists of using a food-based organic product call Organi-Dry or Proti-Dry from Protein Solutions Group (PSG).  The company has developed a unique and organic product/process that solves the Cannabis and AG industry’s need for an organic drying process that retains preserves the most organic matter at the cellular level, its called the Protein Dried™ technology.

While there are solutions currently for cannabis dehydration and drying, we have yet to see a product or solution that incorporates preserving terpenes and cannabinoids. The current methods of dehydration involve either hang drying, introducing heat or immediate flash freezing. Hang drying can take anywhere from 5 to 10 days to complete, plus extra time for curing.  Faster methods like inducing heat or freeze-drying change the cellular structure and can be expensive to implement. The Protein Dried™ technology, product, and the process is simple, fast, organic and preserves the essence of the flower, which is why we feel the industry will move away from these traditional methods of drying and look for better alternatives.

Organi-Dry Benefits Overview

Organi-Dry Dehydration and Preservation Solutions for the Cannabis Industry offered by Cannabis Farms

After investigating other drying options the industry currently employs, we feel this process captures the best expression of the plant at harvest versus introducing heat or freezing. It’s an organic process (GRAS for Organi-dry and Proti-Dry is OMRI certified in the US) which retains the most terpenes and cannabinoids without any change to the cellular structure during dehydration, and as a result, turns into the highest crop value based on these percentages. 

The preservation and dehydration process is cost-effective to implement, simple and can be easily replicated year after year.  By implementing a process and solution like this, we help create industry standards for post-harvest processing, drying and preserving the flower for extraction later on down the road. This will help pave the way for the industry to create best practices and standards for post-harvest solutions, thus allowing us to work towards certifications such as GMP and ISO standards for processing facilities and lead the way to offer Crop Loss Insurance.

As part of the Cannabis Farm’s team, Vin Maru predicts that the future pricing of cannabis and hemp from farming operations will be derived from a formula used to calculate the commodity value based on purity and percentages after extraction versus the weight of biomass.  He feels that the Protein Dried™ technology retains the most cannabinoids and terpenes, which in turn should result in higher crop value based on the extracted value of the cannabis biomass (hemp or marijuana). We are excited to be working with PSG and introducing the Organi-Dry and Proti-Dry products to the Cannabis Industry, the PSG’s Protein Dried™ technology is unique and we feel that it helps solves the industry’s challenges of processing and preserving large quantities of cannabis during the harvest window.

If you would like more information or would like to discuss if this solution is a good fit for your organization, please contact us for further details. We also host a weekly conference call introducing this unique Cannabis Dehydration and Preservation Solution, email us to participate and learn why this solution will save you time, money and produce the best harvest.

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